Thanks to the Curb Roller’s patented and innovative design, it can be used on jobs of all sizes and types including patch and repair. It's built to stand up to the rigor of every day concrete work, and has an intuitive design to help get the job done. The drums can be easily switched out so you aren't limited to one shaping style. Because of this, crews will see an average increase of 50% in their speed and production over more traditional methods.

Curb Roller

The Batt Screed is the world's first battery powered roller screed, offering all the advantages of a standard roller screed while maintaining a lightweight, mobile, and versatile design. It is powered by a rechargeable 60-volt lithium-ion battery for impressive power and run time. Give the Batt Screed a try today and say so long to exhaust fumes, power cords, and hydraulic hoses typically found in traditional roller screeds.

Batt Screed

The Hydra-Screed is a a two-operator machine that takes away most of the back-breaking labor, while also removing the need for multiple pours saving you time and money. Unlike a vibrating screed, it can be used for pervious paving and low slump concrete, as well as slope paving. Whether it’s a street, median, v-gutter, or flume, let the Hydra-Screed cut down your production times while still maintaining a superior, high quality pour.


Not sure about a battery or hydraulic roller screed? The Eel Screed 6100 takes corded roller screeds to a whole new level! With its state of the art patent-pending technology, the Eel Screed takes on any flatwork or pervious job with ease. When you are done with your pour, the cord conveniently tucks away into the all-steel housing helping prevent damage or excess tangles. Get your corded roller screed today!

Eel Screed

Due to the ease of portability, the Hydra-Pack is perfect for those job sites where your skid loader or mini excavator won't fit. This heavy duty power unit delivers an impressive two-way directional flow of 5-8 GPM with adjustable PSI and a max PSI of 2250. The powerful 13-horse Honda GX390 gas engine easily runs our Curb Roller and Hydra-Screed systems, as well as hydraulic saws, jack hammers, and other hydraulic tools.


Curb Roller Manufacturing currently offers 29 different stock drum profiles for use with the Curb Roller system. Standard stock drums will cover 30 inch widths of concrete, though shorter or longer options can be ordered upon request. All drums are interchangeable within the machine to accommodate different job specifications. Not sure what drum you need? Call today and let one of our experts help!

Stock Drums

Have a custom job coming up that has an odd shape? Available for both the Curb Roller and Hydra-Screed systems, send us your custom drum specifications today and we'll let you know if it spins!

Custom Drums

At Curb Roller Manufacturing we are proud to offer kits for use with our Curb Roller, Batt Screed, and Hydra-Screed. From conical bin pads to monolithic pours, kits make your machine even more versatile than before.


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