What Our Customers Have To Say

The Curb Roller allows my crew to pour and finish over 2,700 linear feet of rollover curb in one day. This machine guarantees me more productivity, consistency, shape, and flow line throughout the whole project.

Jeff Wright, ECSB Contractors Inc

We are extremely happy with the results using our Curb Roller on the McFarland project. The Curb Roller allowed us to place all the curb and gutter in one day, and gave us the finish and consistency we were looking for. We are another satisfied customer!

Scott Schon, WCI Concrete Repair

We bought a Curb Roller and Batt Screed from Curb Roller Manufacturing and we love them both. These are a city's must-have pieces of equipment.

Benji Butler, City of St. Joseph MO

I love my Batt Screed. There are times I don't even have to float it before finishing.

Todd Olsen, Olsen & Olsen Building Contractors

I love my Curb Roller and think any contractor placing curb and gutter should have one.

Bruce Glaspey, Magruder Concrete Solutions LLC

We bought the Curb Roller to help us complete the Black Oak RV Park in Tuolumne, CA. This was a large project and the Curb Roller did awesome! I love it!

Bret Taylor, Taylor Masonry Inc.

With our Hydra-Screed I was able to split my crew into two. This allows us to do more jobs and get more done.

Justin Beach, S&S Builders Inc.

Southern Concrete and Construction owns six machines from Curb Roller Manufacturing and we love them. The Curb Rollers let us do all of our tie-ins and shorter runs without the need for curb builders and they work great with our slip form paver. Our crews have also noticed that they are 3x faster when using the Batt Screeds. We are always working on large projects, and these machines save us money every day. I always recommend Curb Roller Mfg products!

Danny Boulware, Southern Concrete and Construction


I was very pleased with the build quality and performance of the equipment, and we poured 2-3 times the amount of ditch that we were capable of before investing in this setup. Thanks to the Hydra-Screed and custom drum, we produced a more consistent and uniform finished product.

Mark Kerrick, Kerrick Construction

We've had a Curb Roller for years and love it. We were recently impressed after a demo with the Batt Screed and bought one.

Richard, Emery Sapp & Sons

Emery 2.jpg
IMG_5131 1.jpg

I was very impressed with the Batt Screed and was surprised by how easy it was to pull. I have hand rodded in the past, but wasn't going to attempt this size of pour by hand. The Batt Screed used three charged 12 amp hour batteries to pour the whole 120'x62' shed floor and made it nice and flat.

Will Edelman