Curb Roller CM4000 Frequently Asked Questions

While the Curb Roller CM4000 has been around for over 10 years, we’ve noticed that there are some questions that get asked more than others. Today, we are answering 5 of the questions most commonly asked about this curb and gutter machine.

How much does the Curb Roller CM4000 weigh?

The Curb Roller weighs approximately 200 lbs with a standard stock drum attached. Two individuals can easily lift the machine with the help of the auxiliary handle on the non-drive side of the machine. However, it is worth noting that some custom drums, shorter/longer drums, kits, and machine additions will change this weight.

What are the drums made out of, and what is their lifespan?

Curb Roller drums are made out of steel. The drums are fabricated using metal spinnings welded to various sizes of heavy wall pipe. Some custom profiles with slopes or other odd shapes are rolled out of a lighter metal to help achieve the desired profile. The average life of a drum is 20 to 40,000 linear feet.

Is the Curb Roller hard to operate?

The Curb Roller CM4000, like any other construction machine, takes a very basic understanding of hydraulics and concrete. Because of the simple design, most operators can become proficient with it on the first or second run. The Curb Roller comes with a waist belt that is designed so the operator can use proper positioning and body weight transfer to pull the machine, instead of focusing on using their arms. This can be better previewed in videos such as the Backus Concrete video (which you can watch here) at time mark 1:08 where the operator can be seen using the weight transfer from the belt around his hips to “sit back” while only using one hand to guide the machine around the curve.

How do I adjust the speed or direction of the Curb Roller?

The Curb Roller is designed to easily adapt to an either direction pull. It also comes with a flow control block (F) that is factory set and NOT ADJUSTABLE. To adapt the direction of pull, flip the machine over, change the directional valve position, move the drum sweep to the top side of the drum, and done! For finer speed and direction adjustment, on the handle of the Curb Roller is a variable speed directional valve which operates left to right depending on the direction of the desired rotation. The Curb Roller also comes with a safety tab which is located on the directional knob (A) and can be manually set to allow the valve to open towards the right or open towards the left. To set the safety tab, loosen the knob on the directional valve, turning it counterclockwise. Once the safety stop is in the desired position, re-tighten the knob.

What if I need several drums or a job specific profile?

The Curb Roller CM4000 has the ability to easily change drums, which makes it ideal for any curb and gutter job. We currently have an array of stock drums available (which can be viewed here), and we can also make custom profiles built to your job specifications. You can take a look at some past custom drums or submit a form for a quote here. The Curb Roller also has the ability to utilize two kits (sidewalk and monolithic) to make it even more versatile.

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