Roll of the Dice on On-ramp Project Yields Returns in Time and Costs

In the early summer of 2019, Realm Construction was subcontracted to patch the concrete on Cookingham Drive and the on-ramp to I-435 near the Kansas City International Airport. Russ Stark, manager of field operations, and his team specialize in concrete patchwork. They completed that portion of the job and then sat down to find a way to tackle the ditch liner.

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Curb Roller Mfg Cuts Curb and Gutter Work in Half with Curb Roller CM4000

Curb Roller Mfg offers the Curb Roller CM4000, a single-operator machine for shaping concrete for curb and gutter work. The CM4000 reduces the labor of shaping curb and gutter pours, allowing crews to complete work up to twice as fast as manual methods or face forming.

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Roller Screeds FAQ- popular concrete finishing tech that fits great in your fleet

Concrete work is nothing new. Contractors have been perfecting the art of concrete pours for many years, combining new technology with their tried-and-true methods. By relying on their proven, manual methods and simultaneously implementing new products and technology, contractors are able to improve finished product quality, save time, and reduce costs.