"The Curb Roller is a great tool to own.  I have owned one for over a year and have used it on many curb and gutter projects. Anyone who has seen the Curb Roller operate and doesn't own one is crazy."   

----Tony - Baker, Florida
"We are very happy here at Dalton-Killinger Construction Company in Joplin, MO. with our Curb Roller. We are currently pouring several miles of street curb for the City of Joplin. There is a learning curve you have to get through to get your mix right, slump right and your employees familiar with the machine. Our employees were somewhat skeptical but after the first day all were impressed with the quality of product it puts out. Nothing looks worse than a curb face that runs in and out. Your curb face is as straight as your back form is. The Curb Roller representatives have been great to deal with from the sale of the roller to buying replacement parts. This is one product well worth the investment". 

----Shane McDaniel, Vice President of Dalton-Killinger Construction
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"It really does a great job finishing and saves labor by simply taking the hand work out of it. We really end up with great looking curb and gutter."  

----Doug Strahm - Liberal, Missouri
"The Curb Roller provides me with 3 things: mobility, efficiency and high quality finish."  

----Les Boeckner - ADVANTAGE CONCRETE - Hiawatha, Kansas 

"The Curb Roller is great for small to medium sized projects. It increases efficiency and consolidation."

----Mike Henstein - Ground Tech - Minnesota
"Our company has owned a Curb Roller for more than 4 years. It is a very critical tool for our company. The thing that we like most is uniformity (consistency). It is a machine that we can take a 5 man crew to a job and pour 800 ft. in one day".  

----Tim Chesnut - Falls City, Nebraska
"A nuestra Compania nos gusta CurbRoller porque se salva tiempo y trabajo. La Curva se ve mas uniforme, olvidense de barrotes y Reglas. CurbRoller es la solucion se los digo yo!!!"  

----Ricardo de Luna - Desde La Junta Chihuahua, Mexico “Buena Suerte”
"Curb Roller is a tested and proven product. The first one I own has been used for 5 years and has done between 45,000 and 48,000 lineal ft. of curbs. I am now the proud owner of 3 Curb Rollers. I would recommend it to anyone, even if you have a slip form machine, in tight areas and radius."  

----Roni Steed - Gillette, WY
"When it was introduced in 2008 at the World of Concrete show, the Curbroller walked away with MIP status, and for good reason. Prior to its introduction to the market, contractors had three main ways to roll concrete curbs, either completely by hand, using face forms or using a large, expensive machine. None of these options are budget friendly, and they require a significant amount of labor. Curbroller changed all of that. Curbroller is easy to operate and helps your work force get more done in less time. It requires no extensive training or operating experience. It also eliminates the need to purchase, load, clean and maintain face forms. When asked about these benefits, a Curbroller spokesperson said, "The easy-to-use design is what makes Curbroller such an innovative tool in the construction industry. For the average crew, it will double output." Sometimes products that increase productivity decrease quality, but not the Curbroller. The finished curbs produced by the Curbroller are at or above the quality level of those created with other methods. 

For the construction firm that has been subcontracting curb work, the Curbroller eliminates that need. It makes it possible for the average crew to handle the job of laying curbs, without specialized equipment or training. This increases the bottom line on every job, every time."

--Contractors Equipment Directory