​With the need for both precision and reliability, it can often be difficult to create quality concrete curbs without the services of an experienced concrete worker. Between the need for uniform slopes, smooth corners, and the general amount of work, it can often be a nightmare when you are trying to get a job done on time and under budget. Fortunately we’ve created the perfect screed machine that can only be found at Curb Roller Manufacturing!

Our top of the line roller screed, the Curb Roller is a revolution of design. Featuring a lightweight drum and chassis that is easily transported and used. The Curb Roller can create perfect curbs without any prior training needed, saving you time and money. In addition we are proud to offer other fine products such as the Hydra-Pack hydraulic power system which provides easily transportable power solutions, and the Hydra-Screed, the roller screed that is adjustable so it can fit any job.

There are currently fifteen standard drum designs for the Curb Roller. Drawings with specifications for each drum can be viewed at the bottom of this page. Additionally, we can design and build custom profiles to meet the specific needs of any concrete contractor.

Your job is hard, so why not let us try and make it easier. With our fine line up of concrete products we will have you and your crew getting things done quicker and cheaper than you would have ever thought possible. Call us today and let us show you what we mean!

Drum # 13
Drum # 12
Drum # 11
Drum # 10
Drum # 9
Drum # 8
Drum # 7
Drum # 6
Drum # 5
Drum # 4
Drum # 3
Drum # 2
Drum # 1
Drum # 14
This style is designed off the Illinois DOT B-6 curb spec

See Illinois DOT spec
This style is designed off the Florida F style curb spec

See Florida DOT spec
Drum # 15

If you are located outside of the United States or Canada and are interested in purchasing, please contact J.D. Honigberg International by phone at 847.412.0200 ext. 15 or by email at jguerrero@jdhintl.com