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What slump should I use with the Curb Roller? ​
The slump varies from job to job depending on the mix design used. Curb Roller  recommends using a 3 to 3-1/2 inch slump.​​
What is this aluminum block on the hydraulic hoses and is the machine variable speed?
The Curb Roller and Hydra-Screed ship standard with this in-line flow control block. This block allows our equipment to function properly with nearly all hydraulic power sources. This block regulates hydraulic oil flow and PSI to the machine protecting it from overload or shock from sudden directional change or stop. Tampering with or removing this block voids warranty.
How heavy is the Curb Roller?
The Curb Roller weighs approximately 160lbs with a standard drum attached. Some custom drums and machines will weigh more. Two individuals can easily lift the machine.
What is the drum or screed made of?
The drum is fabricated using metal spinnings welded to varius sizes of heavy wall pipe. Some custom profiles with slopes and odd shapes are rolled out of a lighter metal to achieve desired profile.
What is the power source for the Curb Roller and Hydra Screed?
The Curb Roller and Hydra Screed are powered Hydraulically and will run off nearly any hydraulic power source. Curb Roller manufactures a hydraulic power unit specifically designed for use with the Curb Roller and Hydra Screed.
Can the Curb Roller be pulled in only one direction?
The Curb Roller is designed to easily adapt to an either direction pull. Simply flip the machine over, change directional valve position, change the drum sweep to top side of drum, and done!
How many feet of Hydraulic hose comes with the machine and can I add more if I want?
The Curb Roller comes with 25' foot of hose. The Hydra Screed Comes with 40' of hose. Additional hose extensions can be purchased from Curb Roller. Curb Roller recommends not exceeding 100' of hose per machine.
What if I need several drums or a job specific profile?
Curb Roller's 15 standard profiles easily change in and out of the Curb Roller and custom made profiles are available.
What kind of forming is required for effective and efficient use?
The Curb Roller will work on wood, metal, plastic, and masonite forming as well as run off existing concrete. Keeping your form stakes and bracing below the top of the form will allow for smooth operation.
Is the Curb Roller hard to operate?
The Curb Roller, like any other machine, takes a very basic understanding of hydraulics and concrete. Because of its simple design, most operators become proficient with the Curb Roller on the first or second use. The Curb Roller comes with a waist belt designed so the operator can use proper positioning and body weight transfer to pull the machine.
Does Curb Roller warranty their equipment?
Curb Roller Manufacturing offers a 3 year warranty on their products!

We are located outside of the United States and Canada. Can we still buy your machines?​
Of course! We have many happy customers outside of the United States and Canada. We just ask that you contact our international dealer J.D. Honigberg to set up your order. Their contact information can be found on the Dealers page or the Contact Us page.