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Large drum built to run on an already poured concrete slab giving a 3 to 1 slope creating a large drainage ditch.
Check out this roller screed profile! It worked like a charm, saved time, saved money, and most of all gave a beautiful consistent finish!
A really big curb for really big trucks. 10 inch tall 38 inch wide curb. Everything is bigger in Texas!
Build Your Custom Curb and Gutter Profile
To use the custom profile builder:

        -Click on the diagram to open it in a new window to print or save to your computer.
        -To save to your computer, right click and select 'save as'. In the box that pops up click 
          on where you want to save the file to and then select 'save' when done.
        -Fill it out in Adobe Acrobat Reader and email it to 
        -If you have printed it, fill in the measurements and either fax it to 1-785-467-3134 or 
          take a picture and email it to
        -You can also use this template as a guide to email us your measurements without 
          needing to save or print.
        -If you have any questions, please call us at (785)-467-3132.
If you are located outside of the United States or Canada and are interested in purchasing, please contact J.D. Honigberg International by phone at 847.412.0200 ext. 15 or by email at