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The Hydra-Screed 
The Hydra-Pack 
The Hydra-Screed's rubber inserts can easily be removed to accomodate any desired length of pipe, custom V flume, crowned roller screed, and numerous other desired profiles. 
Curb Roller Manufacturing proudly makes their own commercial and industrial grade hydraulic power pack. This heavy duty power unit delivers an impressive two way directional flow of 5-8 GPM with adjustable PSI. Max PSI of 2250.
The Curb Roller
MSRP Only $4,195!
MSRP Only $2,650!

(pipe/drums sold separately)
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manual for the Curb Roller!
Forget breakable need something that will stand up against jobsite abuse.

Hydra Pack:

--13HP Honda GX390 Engine

---7 GPM Hydraulic Pump

----11 Gallon 12GA Steel Reservoir

------10 Micron Hydraulic Oil Filter

-------13" Tube Tires, Handle Grips, and Lift Bracket

MSRP Only $3,650!
Curb Roller's adjustable guide ring/collar is the only wear part on the machine and can be purchased from a dealer or factory direct. 

MSRP $105.00

Part # CR127
Curb Roller Operator's belt reduces fatigue and transfers pull to the hips.

MSRP $68.00

Part # CR101
Curb Roller uses the Standard Flat Face Quick Connect Couplers for all of their equipment.

MSRP $95.00
Additional hose lengths can be ordered in 25, 30, and 50 foot lengths. Our hose extensions are two 3/8 hydraulic hoses in a protective nylon sleeve. Hose ends are 1/2" male and female JIC fittings.


25' Extension     $280.00     

30' Extension     $290.00

50' Extension     $560.00     
The Curb Roller weight works great for lighter weight drums or specialty drums. Its design allows for mounting right above the Curb Roller on the kickstand and can be turned four different ways for weight transfer.

MSRP $95.00
Curb Roller sells CAT style Hydraulic Quick Connect couplers and can be installed at customers request.

MSRP $105.00
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If you are located outside of the United States or Canada and are interested in purchasing, please contact J.D. Honigberg International by phone at 847.412.0200 ext. 15 or by email at
Click here to download the 
manual for the Hydra-Screed!
Click photo to download the
manual for the Hydra-Pack!